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ProjectsPosted by David J Shaw Wed, July 23, 2014 16:52:35
In my first post I showed a pastel pencil picture of a rocky seascape with seabirds from the Farne Islands off the Northumbrian coast. As suggested, I decided to develop this theme. The image below features a tighter, more dramatic composition with more emphasis on the birds and foreground rocks.

I then decided to explore the subject in oil paint and the next image shows progress so far.

The painting is more stylised in the treatment of the blocky forms of the rock scape. The kittiwakes have been given more eminence while so far the sea deliberately lacks detail. In the past, I have felt that my work sometimes lacked vibrancy in terms of colour so I have used a good deal of saturation in the paint which, I hope you will agree, gives the piece impact. The work continues.

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