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ProjectsPosted by David J Shaw Thu, June 26, 2014 11:15:57
Welcome, in my first blog I showed a picture in preparation of 'Millie', a border collie. Here is the finished pastel pencil drawing.
Depicting black and white fur or feather presents the artist with a challenge. The lustre of a black coat is achieved with blues and violets but you have to look for them.
Again with the 'white', there are many other hues to be seen which describe the texture of the coat. The fur on the dog's chest needs careful attention; if you feel that you could shove your fingers into it, you've succeeded!

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Posted by maggie Mon, July 07, 2014 19:55:35

I loved the picture of Millie, she looks so real and as though her tail is wagging. She is delightful. I'm sure her owner will be really pleased with this. And Yes, the fur is very soft and springy.