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ProjectsPosted by David J Shaw Thu, August 07, 2014 22:15:11
When I'm out and about with my dogs walking in the vicinity of the River Wyre estuary I often pick up items of interest on the strandline for instance. The other day I noticed some seaweed (bladder wrack to be precise) and was taken by its pattern of branching fronds so I took it home, laid it out and did the pencil drawing below.

The next day I found a number of, what I thought were, dead shore crabs only to discover that they were in fact sloughed exoskeletons. In other words these were the moulted body armour of the crustaceans but what took my attention on close examination was the fact that they were so complete and so colourful. I took a selection home.
I decided to investigate the possibility of combining some of the crab remnants with the seaweed in a pastel pencil composition.

I am using complementary turquoise hues to show off the salmon pinks of the crabs while the more drab olive green fronds of seaweed contrast with the vibrant background.

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